letv le 1s mobile launching in flipkart


letv le 1s mobile launching in flipkart Flipkart launching another awesome mobile LETV Le 1S. This mobile having 3GB ram,32GB rom,13MB primary camera,5MB secondary camera,4G sim facility,5.5 inch touch screen and much more. Features           Features Performance 2.2 GHZ + Helio X10 Turbo MTK 6795T, Octa core OS Android Lollipop V5 Internal memory 32GB RAM 3GB Battery 3200 mAh weight 169g size 5 inch resolution full HD, 1920×1080 pixels Sensors finger sensor,compass,Magnetometer, gravity sensor,light sensor,infrared sensor Sim and network 3G and 4G sim type Dual sim , LTE + LTE Sound Dolby,DTS Zoom digital zoom Flash yes Hand set […]

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top 7 innovative products


Innovative products. There are some products which are innovative and are hard to get and buy a products in india either direct or online. sugru glue By using this you can stick your keys,pen,wire etc. Sugru is an award winning mouldable glue that looks like play dough but acts like superglue and sticks to almost anything.Invented to help people fix and improve their stuff,Sugru use for everything from repairing cables and mounting components through to customising controllers, tidying leads and even protecting phones. Table tennis door you can use this door in two ways like as shown below. Self-stirring mug  Self stirring coffee mug […]

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Japanese security drone that can follows suspicious :


Japanese Security Drone that can follows suspicious : Japanese new invention, a Drone which flies and detect suspicious human or vehicle. This drone can follows suspicious vehicle without human intervention. This security Drone invented by “Secom“, Japan’s biggest security company. Drone will launch whenever suspicious cars or people are detected on the property by other security equipment. By using this Security drone we can catch and follow the suspicious vehicle, but this drone having a maximum speed of 10 kmph. Now a days we have so many security cameras but all are not support to take pictures or monitor 360 degree […]

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Steps to reduce smart phone over heating

Eclipse Installer

steps to reduce smart phone over heating Most of time we saw  so many notification and adds are coming to our mobile. This is happening due to preinstalled apps. while installing the apps first turn off the notifications it will help you to reduce the smart phone overheating and also increase your battery life. One of the Steps to turn of the notification go to settings -> apps -> select the any application -> unmark the show notification (use this one for unnecessary apps which you are not using randomly) Facebook- This application can consumes more power and reduce your battery […]

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Nora device it controls your snoring


Nora device it controls your snoring You are suffering with un sleeping days because of snoring of your partner ? then user nora device it stop snoring before you wakes up. When do we snore ? while we are breathing airway collapse as the upper throat muscles relax during the sleep at that time it creates some vibration and comes as a snoring. If you install the Nora device in your pillow then the nora device detects the noise and moves slightly and stimulates the relax throat muscles. As a results you can breath normally.           features  […]

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PowerUp FPV paper can fly with a live stream video.


PowerUP FPV paper can fly with a live stream video. In out childhood we played a lot of things with paper. We created a lot of cool stuff like paper boat,planes, paper rocket,throwing paper to our friends and much more and we enjoyed a lot. Shai Goitein move his step forward and he invented a cool thing i.e a PowerUp FPV, it a  drown made by a paper along with power up smart module. By arranging this module to the paper it can flies along with live video and audio. Three years back Shai Goitein invented a smart phone control paper aeroplane, […]

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